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We Solve Excess Brokerage Challenges

Our E&S experts specialize in structuring coverage for the most challenging risks – it’s our specialty! We focus on providing answers for your non-standard accounts across a wide-range of classes and coverages. We don’t do standard market solutions; we offer thoughtful solutions combining price and coverage, positioning our wholesale partners to sell the account.

Skyward Specialty E&S Brokerage is 100% committed to wholesalers. We specialize in selecting trusted brokers that target our risk appetite. These strategic partnerships allow for successful, profitable growth every year. We look at a diverse range of hard-to-place excess risks for small to mid-sized companies across the E&S landscape.

Our Coverages

  • Manufacturers/Distributors
  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Contractors
  • Machinery/Equipment & Repair
  • Residential Contractors – Limited Appetite
  • Equipment Rental
  • New Ventures
  • LRO & Mercantile
  • Services Risks
  • Amusement & Family
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Unique & Unusual Accounts

Additional exposures outside of appetite: Invasive Medical, NY Labor Law Coverage,  Accounts that belong in a Standard Market

  • Available on a Non-Admitted basis in all 50 states
  • “A-” (Excellent: FSC IX, Stable Outlook from A.M. Best)
  • ISO and ISO-based proprietary company forms
  • 100% committed to Wholesalers
  • Up to $5 million in limits
  • Ability to sit above Occurrence & Claims Made Underlying Policies
  • Underlying carriers must have AM Best Rating of B+ VII or Better
  • Minimum required limits: GL- $1/2/1M; Auto- $1M CSL; EL- $500/500k; all others at least $1/1M
  • Most successful accounts in $15k-$100k premium range, with the average premium size around $30K. We will look at larger & smaller accounts
  • Attachment point may vary based on the characteristics of the underlying exposure and/or account structure

Submission Requirements: 90-day acceptance window, Acord application, supplemental application as appropriate, copy of underlying GL and Auto quotes, Underlying EL carrier information, Minimum of 5-year loss history, Premium target & incumbents position, Information of program structure

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