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Focused industry expertise

Insuring the decisions and actions of architects, engineers, and related professions is one of the most specialized niches out there. Skyward Specialty experts know how to insure this market. We can help you pursue customers of all sizes with a full range of coverages from first dollar defense to project-specific limits.

A partner in your success

With Skyward Specialty, you get a solid underwriting partner that wants to help deliver the smartest solution to you. That means fast risk assessment, fair pricing, smart advice, and great personal service.


  • A&E firms, with up to $50M in billings, domiciled in the United States
  • Types of firms include Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Construction Managers, Testing Labs, Interior Designers and Environmental Consultants
  • Coverage written on a Primary, Excess and Excess Specific Project/Client basis
  • Admitted Paper A – (IX) Rated “Excellent” by AM Best
  • Claims Made and Reported policy
  • Experienced Claims Handling by all attorney claims staff
  • Competitive Supplementary Payments:
    • Defendant’s Expense Reimbursement – $1,200 per day up to $6k per claim
    • Defense Expense for Professional License, Disciplinary Proceedings – $25k
    • Regulatory Expense Reimbursement (ADA/FHA/ OSHA) – up to $25k
    • Limits available of $5M per claim / $5M aggregate
  • Broad definition of professional services
  • No consent to settle or hammer clause in policy form
  • Risk management services – contract reviews, pre-claims assistance, loss prevention services
  • Punitive damages coverage where insurable
  • Duty to defend
  • Mutual choice of counsel
  • True worldwide coverage
  • Voluntary mediation deductible credit – deductible reduced by 50% up to $25k
  • First dollar defense consideration for firms up to $1M in gross billings
  • Coverage for independent contractors while acting on behalf of the insured
  • No exclusion for mold or asbestos
  • Ownership interest of coverage up to 50%

Submission Requirements: New business application. 3 years of currently valued company loss runs. Copy of current policy declaration page if available. Resumes of principals if firm is less than 3 years in business.

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