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Insurance Company’s Employees Join Group to Pack Boxes of Food for Those Who Need it Most


The award-winning Skyward Specialty Summer Internship kicked off in May 2023, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for the newest cohort of interns. This summer’s intern group is comprised of 10 interns working in varying departments across the organization. As part of their orientation, the group of interns converged into Houston for an in-person introduction to the Company, its leaders, and its culture. A key part of the orientation process is highlighting the culture of giving and community fostered at every level of the organization. In partnership with the Houston Food Bank, Skyward Specialty hosted an Intern Give Back Day where interns, joined by their leaders and 15 other Houston-area employees, came together to make a positive impact in our local community. Together the volunteers sorted and packed 720 boxes filled with non-perishable food items. Their efforts amounted to nearly 2,000 pounds of food, a contribution that will make a difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity.

In addition, the interns also had the honor of presenting a generous check for $1,500 to the food bank on behalf of the Skyward Foundation.

The experience of volunteering at the Houston Food Bank not only allowed the interns to actively engage in meaningful work, but also provided them with an invaluable opportunity to foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork with their fellow colleagues and mentors.

Community service lies at the core of Skyward Specialty’s values, serving as an integral part of the company’s culture. Recognizing the significance of giving back, the organization actively encourages its employees and interns alike to actively participate in initiatives that uplift and support the communities in which they operate. Through their shared efforts, the 2023 interns exemplified the core values of Skyward Specialty, demonstrating that making a positive impact on the community extends beyond the confines of the workplace.