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Clean it, Like You Mean It at the Trash Bash 2023

Insurance Company’s Staff Dedicate Time and Efforts to Preserve Natural Beauty and Protect Waterways


In a powerful display of environmental stewardship and community engagement, 35 employees from Skyward Specialty, a leading property and casualty insurance company, rolled up their sleeves and joined forces to participate in the Rivers, Lakes, Bays ‘N Bayous 29th Annual Trash Bash on March 25, 2023. As Platinum Sponsors, Skyward Specialty’s employee volunteers and their friends and family showed up in full force, dedicated their time and efforts to clean and preserve the natural beauty of local waterways, leaving a lasting impact on the environment and inspiring others through their actions.

The Trash Bash, a beloved community event held annually across Texas, brings together volunteers from all walks of life to collect trash, debris, and litter that accumulate in Texas waterways. With a shared commitment to environmental conservation, Skyward Specialty’s employees eagerly embraced the opportunity to make a tangible difference in their community.

It was a beautiful day to “clean it like you mean it.” Equipped with gloves, garbage bags, and a contagious enthusiasm, the Skyward Specialty team set out to various cleanup sites along the waterways. Divided into smaller groups, they scoured the parks and riverbanks, meticulously picking up discarded items and unsightly litter that had accumulated over time. They diligently removed plastic bottles, wrappers, Styrofoam containers, and other forms of debris, ensuring that these pollutants would find their way to clean and healthy water sources.
As always, Skyward Specialty’s employees displayed remarkable teamwork and camaraderie throughout the cleanup efforts. Their shared goal of preserving the environment and protecting waterways fostered a strong sense of unity and purpose.

Andrew Robinson, CEO at Skyward Specialty joined the group of enthusiastic volunteers, and shared his thoughts on the experience, “Participating in the Trash Bash was not just about cleaning up our waterways; it was about making a positive impact and showing our dedication to the community we serve. It was incredibly rewarding to see our team come together and witness the transformation we made in such a short time.”

The involvement of Skyward Specialty’s employees in the Trash Bash reflects the company’s deep-rooted commitment to corporate social responsibility. Beyond their daily business operations, they actively seek opportunities to contribute to the well-being of their community and protect the environment for future generations.